J-culture at its hottest



 The famous electronics district

Maid cafés • Electronics superstores • Comic book & anime stores (including fan fiction) • Handcrafted wooden keyboards • Robot & character model shops • Gundam & AKB48 Cafés • Cosplay costumes, wigs & makeup

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Directions & maps



This island in Tokyo Bay is home to some of the most wacky things you can do in Tokyo.

Trick Art Museum • Oedo Onsen • Miraikan • Sony Explorascience Museum Smile Fight • Five-story tall Gundam robot • Toyota megaweb

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Directions & maps



Where everybody young goes to shop and play

Famous 5-way intersection, where a thousand people cross every minute • Love Hotel Hill • Extreme pancake café • Butlers Café • Trendy fashion for men and women at 109, Men’s 109, Parco & Marui • Everything-under-the-sun at Tokyu HandsLoft and Don Kihote

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Directions & maps



Let’s shop with the fashion cults!

Brand boutiques for LolitaGothic Lolita, Punk, Fairy Kei and more • Harajuku-style crepes • Extreme pancakes

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Directions & maps



The perfect neighborhood for barhopping and sampling informal eateries

Quirky, inexpensive bars & restaurants, many with live music • Vinegar café • Eat A Peach bar • Village Vanguard store

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Directions & maps



The biggest and wildest entertainment district in Tokyo

Cat cafés • Golden Gai  theme bars • Princess Style kimonos • Host clubs, hostess bars and adult entertainment

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Directions & maps

Jonelle Patrick writes mysteries set in Tokyo

If you’d like to venture behind closed doors to the places they leave out of the guidebooks, click here to browse the books where girls dress like living dolls, beautiful young men entertain lonely women, and…read more


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