Neighborhoods where traditional Japan lives on



A neighborhood and shops unchanged for generations

Giant Buddhist temple (Senso-ji) • Asakusa Shrine (Shinto) • Rice crackers and taiyaki made while you wait • My favorite conveyor belt sushi in Tokyo

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Everything for the home altar!

Stores selling beautifully pieced Shinto home altars & incredibly expensive Buddhist family altars • Incense, Buddhist rosaries & brass bells on cushions

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A market where they still sell goods from a bygone era

Old-fashioned sweets • Lovely wrapping cloths and hand towels • Magic umbrellas • Handmade bamboo ear cleaners • Crispy cricket drinking snacks • Poisonous dried snake tea • Togenuki Jizo healing temple • The Honorable Duck Butt of Sugamo • Big Red Underwear Store

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This is a relatively undiscovered Old Tokyo neighborhood, with traditional shops, food, and a temple with a fascinating fire ceremony

Fukugawa Fudo temple has fire ceremonies with drums, five times a day • Excellent shitamachi shopping street with traditional goods & food still sold • Prime cherry blossom viewing spots

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My favorite Tokyo shrine, in a neighborhood that escaped the WWII firebombing

Tunnel of orange torii gates you can walk through • Old-fashioned neighborhood, with shops that have been in business for generations • Chiyogami store • Handmade wooden buckets • Calligraphy brushes • Air-conditioned pillows • Cat map store.

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A village of restored thatch-roofed houses just a short train ride from central Tokyo.

23 thatch-roofed houses • You can go inside • Visitor center showing how they are made • They’re a beautiful park that makes walking a pleasure

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This indoor hot spring theme park looks like an Edo-era village!

Looks like an Edo Era town • Hot spring baths from all over Japan • Foot bath stream • Sand bath • Foot nibbling fish • Ninja star throwing, archery & blow darts

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Sumo wrestlers & incredible models of ye olde Tokyo

Even when there’s not a sumo tournament to watch, sumo wrestlers can be seen in the streets of this neighborhood and at the train station • The Edo-Tokyo Museum has amazing models & life-sized dioramas of everyday life in samurai era Tokyo and how it changed after Japan opened to the west

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History comes alive – see the actual burial place of the legendary 47 ronin

Graves of the 47 ronin • Their signed confession • The well where they washed Lord Kira’s severed head • Statue portaits of the 47 ronin

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