Oedo Onsen Hot Spring

The indoor hot spring theme park that looks like an old Edo village


This indoor hot springs theme park is a real only-in-Japan experience – it’s like spending a day in Old Edo, with every kind of food and variety of hot spring you can imagine.


At the Oedo Onsen we can jump in and out of all kinds of hot springs, from milky white micro-bubble filled water to rusty red, rich in minerals. Men and women bathe in separate areas, of course, but everyone can meet up to eat and drink and enjoy the foot bath and the Therapy Fish pedicure together.

Yes, it tickles & is slightly creepy.

First we exchange our street clothes for traditional cotton yukatas, and meet up in the town square. The Oedo Onsen is designed to look like an Edo Era village at twilight, complete with a festival drum tower strung with lanterns.

The square is surrounded by booths and restaurants selling every kind of Japanese food you can imagine: sushi, yakitori, noodles of all kinds, etc.

Everybody can get the kind of food they like, and we can all eat together in the town square or the big tatami rooms off to the side.

Sometimes there are free performances!

What shall we do first? Go into the bath area and try all the hot springs? Book a massage? Stick our feet in the Therapy Fish pool and get our toes nibbled? Be buried up to our necks in a sauna-like Sand Bath? So many choices!

Maybe we should wade in the outdoor foot bath first!
Kids head straight for the ninja star throwing, blow darts and archery booths, of course!

Open 7 days a week

11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. 

Admission: ¥2800 adult, ¥1575 child (see directions for more details)

For more info and details about how to navigate the locker rooms, massage chairs, etc. go to the DIRECTIONS & MAP page.

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