If you’re like me…

…you want to dodge the crowds and experience Tokyo way beyond the guidebooks. Here’s where I take my friends when they come to town (plus a couple of handy hacks for having the Japan trip of your dreams!)


Figure out the stuff you really don’t want to miss

Click through these categories for a quick look at my favorite places & things to do. Pick three or four attractions (or two neighborhoods) for each day you plan to spend in Tokyo.


Check out the special festivals & events that will be happening while you’re in town

Don’t forget that there are lots more flower seasons that are as amazing as the cherry blossoms. Here’s a guide to when they bloom and where:


If you don’t build in a little shopping time, you’ll have REGRETS

Now that you’ve got your list of stuff to do, head over to Travel Hacks for help figuring out the best way to put together an excellent trip, where to eat & stay, how to get around, and where to take the kind of photos that will turn your friends pink, purple and green with envy.

And of course, you’ll need some airplane reading, right? How about a novel set in Tokyo…? (The first in the series is Nightshade)


A young woman dressed as a Gothic Lolita is found dead with a pair of strangers in a car at the local shrine. But the more Yumi Hata learns about her best friend’s death, the more she’s convinced it was murder…read more

And if you’d prefer to browse everything, here’s the A-Z of all the places I think are worth a look



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