Borderless: The TeamLab Digital Museum

If you see nothing else while you’re in Tokyo, see this. It’s truly a world without horizons, and it’s constantly changing and unfolding around you.

From the blooming and decaying wheel of life in the floral rooms…
…to the infinite glowing and extinguishing lanterns of the Forest of Resonating Lamps…
…to the swift flow of the seasons over a river of lilypads…
…to the waterfall that “splashes” off your head when you stand against the wall…
…this digital experience is worth every yen.

Technologically, it’s astounding, with some artwork that’s resident in the rooms, and others that swim, fly and roam freely through the spaces and corridors.

Much of it is interactive, like this school of fish that scatter when you touch the wall, then change color and circle around the point of contact
The Crystal Universe maze (made of everchanging strings of programmed LED lights) will react to commands from your cellphone app, sending burst of fire or rain or swiftly-growing forests all around you as you wander through it
In this mirrored room, a constantly changing laser light show happens all around you
And in this one, if you stand still, butterflies generate on your chest, then fly across the floor and up onto the wall, set free to wander throughout the building
As an added delight (one you shouldn’t miss), for ¥500 you can sip a bowl of tea at the En Tea House, while bouquets of flowers kindle and bloom atop your bowl

This is just a taste of the delights of Borderless – for a more in-depth look at all the attractions (plus videos!) and how to get tickets, click here.

For insider tips & tricks to getting maximum enjoyment out of the experience, click here.

Open: Every day, except closed 2nd and 4th Tuesdays (open all other days, including holidays)

Hours: 10:00 – 19:00; Weekends and holidays 10:00 – 21:00; Last admission is one hour before closing

Admission: Adults ¥3,200; Children (4-14) ¥1000 (under 4 are free); Disabled (with one accompanying person, must show certificate) ¥1600


Here’s more to do in the neighborhood, while you’re there

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2 Replies to “Borderless: The TeamLab Digital Museum”

  1. This is the best museum I have ever been to anywhere in the world. I will go back next time I am in Tokyo. They have a newish digital art museum in Fukuoka that also looks amazing.

    1. I’m dying to go to that one too! And I couldn’t agree more with you about Borderless—every time I go, I discover things that are new and different, and not just because they change things with the seasons.

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