The History Garage

This Toyota MegaWeb museum is styled to look like a town where all the cars are rare, famous, or both. There are two floors of vintage cars, race cars, movie cars, and rare cars,  And best of all? It’s FREE!

They’re all parked in a picturesque 1960s-era Japanese “town” that makes great selfie backdrops, as if you stepped into a time machine and just chanced across them while strolling down the street.
And it’s not just cars – they have a killer collection of all things 1960s, including hilarious “futuristic” appliances
…and a house furnished like a typical 1960s family home, reminding us how recently Japan adopted western mod cons
But it’s the cars that are really to die for. Check out those white walls and fins!
Back to the Future in a genuine DeLorean
And just in case you think you’d seen it all…this

The History Garage is part of the Toyota MegaWeb auto complex at Aomi Station in Odaiba, but it’s in the building across the courtyard from the main auto showroom, on the main floor. It’s straight through the mall to the left, past the courtyard with the big fountain, then right at the next intersection. (If you forget, you can ask in English at the information desk right inside the doors.)

Open: Every day

Hours: 11:00 – 21:00

Admission: Free


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