Why you should come to Japan in MAY

🎏 I’m going to start posting stuff you can look forward to seeing when it’s fun to travel again, because there are so many great experiences to have in Japan beyond the cherry blossoms!

Five secret reasons why MAY is the very best time to come to Japan:

Because May is the only time of year you can see…

Fish flags! The banners known as koi nobori are festively flown for the month preceeding Childrens’ Day, which is May 5th.

Thousands of koi nobori fluttering over the river at Tatebayashi
This mind-boggling annual installation is an easy day trip from Tokyo, and it’s open from March 25 through May 10 (lots more photos and details on how to get there in the April Japanagram, if you’re interested!) but you can see all kinds of other upworthy koi nobori displays right in Tokyo


if you decide to come in May, you’ll have a chance to see a live tournament that’s held nowhere else on earth:

Sumo wrestlers saluting each other in circle before a tournament
Sumo! The tournament lasts fourteen days, and it’s not hard to get tickets at the box office outside on the spur of the moment. It goes on all day, and I guarantee, it’s an experience you’ll never forget


When was the last time you stayed up all night for…art?

Art at Roppongi Art Night
Artworks that light up the night in magically interactive ways are the stars of Roppongi Art Night, a dusk to dawn affair curated by the Mori Museum that never fails to wow


If partying with the gods is more your style…

The Sanja Matsuri festival in Asakusa is the biggest, rowdiest three-day extravaganza in Tokyo. An endless number of portable shrines are paraded through the streets, with each team trying to outdo the next

And those are just the special events happening in the month of May. You can still go see the snapworthy all-year-round attractions. Click here to browse all my favorite:

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One Reply to “Why you should come to Japan in MAY”

  1. I love your enthusiasm. Yes, we WILL reschedule our trip to Japan. Just not in May, yet. We will wait a little, until this virus has run its course. I got my money back, I hope my travel company will still be in business after the virus has been a global threat.

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