Why you should come to Japan in JUNE

👘 Let’s begin to think about rescheduling your trip for when it’s fun to travel again, because there are so many great things to experience in Japan beyond the cherry blossoms!

Five secret reasons why JUNE is the very best time to come to Japan:

Because June is the only time of year you can see…

The Sanno Matsuri festival! This festival not only features the usual rowdy shrine-carrying, it also has a parade of folks in elaborate period costume.

It starts from the Hie Shrine, and it happens every even-numbered year, alternating with the Kanda Matsuri (which starts from the Kanda Myōjin shrine) in the odd years.


if you love Japanese woodblock prints, you’ll recognize some of the iris gardens that still bloom every June near Tokyo!

Here are the very best places to see tons of Japanese iris in full bloom, including this secret temple garden which is only open during iris season


If you think your grandma’s puffy white hydrangeas are the latest thing in giant fluffballs, think again! If walking through huge gardens stuffed with pink blue and purple flowers as far as the eye can see is your thing, you’d better be here in June

You’ll be utterly amazed at the colors and sizes and variety of hydrangeas that bloom at the temples and gardens of Japan in June. Here are the best places to see them. From choice temple gardens like Hasedera to whole enchanted forests of wild blue ones like Minamiyama, they definitely do not disappoint


It’s a great time to go to Bunny Island!

I was there in June, when the wild hydrangeas were blooming. Here’s a complete guide to how to get there and enjoy your day to the max

Note: June can be rainy, but that can be a plus. For example…

There were very few people on Bunny Island the day we went, and we were mobbed by adorable rabbitlings
And taking photos of flowers in the rain is one of my very favorite things to do. Catching the petals with diamond-like droplets of rain on them is just magical, and so different from all those regular sunny-day shots

Here are my favorite places to find swoonworthy flower shots:

And because it can be rainy, June is an especially excellent time to explore:

Of course, it’s not going to rain every day, so you can still enjoy plenty of:


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