Surrounded by a waterfall, what to serve for Japanese dessert, and two fantastic Japan-centric reads

Here are the features that Japanagram subscribers were reading in August…

Author Jonelle Patrick in flowered mask

Are you still hanging in there, as we continue our wild ride through the Wonka tunnel and (hopefully soon!) pop out the other side? In a quest to make it all a little more bearable, the August Japanagram dished up a Japanese place you don’t have to visit to enjoy and a solution for that perpetual puzzler, the Japanese dessert.

Now, on to the links to the August 2020 Japanagram newsletter features:

Let’s visit the most refreshing waterfall in the world

Shiraito-no-taki waterfall in Japan

Just looking at pictures of this astonishing waterfall is enough to beat the summer heat, but being surrounded by its 180° music is one of life’s truly sublime moments. Come with me now, and experience it for yourself!…read more

Japanese Home cooking: Kuromitsu Brown Sugar Dessert Sauce

Vanilla ice cream with kuromitsu brown sugar dessert sauce and kinako

Dessert is the hardest thing to decide on for a Japanese meal, because most Japanese “desserts”are kind of disappointing, especially when compared to, say, chocolate. Which is why I’m delighted to show you how to make Okinawan Brown Sugar Sauce—a very Japanese delight that can top anything from ice cream to…read more

Book Reviews: Claws of the Cat & CLIMB 

Covers of Claws of the Cat and Climb by Susan Spann

This month I gave away books to TWO lucky winners! Claws of the Cat is the first mystery in Susan Spann’s delightful series featuring Jesuit priest Father Mateo, and Hiro Hattori, the shinobi who’s been ordered to protect him. And CLIMB is her brand new memoir, a wry and moving account of her quest to climb a hundred Japanese peaks in a year. Reviews of these two great books are here

And guess what? My new book, The Last Tea Bowl Thief
was named an Editor’s Pick for Best Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense by Amazon

“A wonderful blend of history and mystery.” —Laura Joh Rowland, author of The Iris Fan

For three hundred years, a missing tea bowl passes from one fortune-seeker to the next, changing the lives of all who possess it…read more

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5 thoughts on “Surrounded by a waterfall, what to serve for Japanese dessert, and two fantastic Japan-centric reads

  1. I’d like to add two more books as good preparation, but as you are an author, I’d rather ask first, if you don’t mind. One is from Alan Booth and the other from Alex Kerr (the latter I found very good when it comes to information about traditional Japanese architectural features).

      1. I think the Kerr book was the best when it came to factual information (was a little less impressed by Sherman’s The bells of old Tokyo) and Alan Booth was very good at conveying the mood in the countryside.

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