The grand pooh-bah of Japanese flea markets, glowing icicles & Japan’s obsession with pets

Here are the features that came out in the January 2021 Japanagram

Author Jonelle Patrick in mask

Hello, friend! It’s me, Jonelle. Here are the features that Japanagram subscribers enjoyed in January…

The grand pooh-bah of Japanese flea markets

Antiques for sale at the Setagaya Boroichi Flea Market

This treasure trove of a flea market only happens twice a year, but what a goldmine it is! Where else might you find a set of antique lacquer ozonibowls, a disgruntled workman doll, a pre-dial-era telephone, and a couple of courtesan’s tobacco pipes, all on one table!…read more

A magical cliffside of icicles lit up at night

Misotsuchi Icicles Tsurara lit up at night

This secret Japanese pleasure isn’t a famous tourist destination—it’s really more of a pit stop along the way to other great places—but it’s so spectacular in an ur-illuminations kind of way, I just have to show it to you….read more

Dogs dressed in schoolgirl uniforms are just the tip of the iceberg

Huskies dressed in schoolgirl uniforms at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo

In the land with the most rapidly shrinking birthrate in the world, it’s easy to see where all that energy is going. Pets have their own fashion, transportation, spas, gourmet delis and more…read more

Book Review: OUT by Natsuo Kirino

Cover of Out by Natsuo Kirino

A brutal murder is just the beginning of this dark thriller, where we watch an ordinary housewife and her friends cover up the crime with Ripley-esque practicality and utter absence of guilt…click here

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The Last Tea Bowl Thief was chosen as an Editor’s Pick for Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense on Amazon

“A fascinating mix of history and mystery.” —Booklist

Jonelle Patrick writes mystery novels set in Tokyo, the monthly Japanagram newsletter, and blogs at Only In Japan and The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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