Best photo spots

Blooming things

Five flower seasons that will make you happy you missed the cherry blossoms

Where to take the best cherry blossom photos in Tokyo, with maps

Beyond cherry blossoms: Where to take flower extravaganza photos, all year around

Where to take boggling photos of the secret flower seasons of Japan

Where to take the best autumn leaf photos in Tokyo

Things lit up at night

How to walk across the Rainbow Bridge (and get shots of Odaiba and the Tokyo skyline)

The Sumida River bridges, boats & landmarks at night

Tokyo Tower lit up at night

Senso-ji temple lit up at night

The giant Gundam robot: It moves and lights up!

FEB Plum blossoms lit up at night

MAR-APR Cherry blossoms lit up at night

APR Urban landscape cherry blossom-themed illuminations

OCT Art festival that lights up the Yokohama waterfront every fall

OCT-DEC The best places to see autumn leaves lit up at night

MAY All-night art festival in Roppongi

NOV-DEC The best holiday illuminations all over Tokyo

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