AUGUST: Festivals + Events

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Goldfish Festivals

Contemplating goldfish is the age-old way Japanese endure the summer heat, and Tokyo’s aquariums step up to the task with a bunch of cool exhibitions in the summertime. Here are the best ones

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Search terms: Sumidagawa Aquarium; Shinagawa Aqua Park, Art Aquarium Museum

Fireworks Festivals

Watching fireworks in colors and shapes (and quantities!) you’ve never imagined, while sitting by the side of a river is one of the great pleasures of warm summer evenings. There are lots of festivals going on all around Tokyo this time of year, so do a search and find one that fits your travel schedule!

Search term: Tokyo fireworks August

Other events in the month of August that might be worth checking out:

Bon Odori (traditional neighborhood summer circle dancing, with taiko drumming and traditional music)

Pikachu Outbreak (Yokohama)

Asagaya Tanabata Festival

Lanterns on the Sumida River

Koenji Awaodori

Lantern parade and Shinto dance at Kameido Tenjin

(You can search for information on these by Googling the names in bold or searching for them on Tokyo Cheapo or TimeOut Tokyo, which I think have the most reliable info for events that change dates from year to year.)

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