JULY: Festivals + Events

Click on Tell me more to read about the event, then use the search term below to find out the exact dates and times for the year you’ll be there.

Mitama Matsuri at the Yasukuni Shrine

The Mitama Matsuri festival at the Yasukuni Shrine is one of the biggest festivals of summer. Traditional dancing, music, and lots and lots of festival food is a great way to spend a warm summer evening

Search term: Mitama matsuri Yasukuni

Art Aquarium

Art Aquarium is a must-see attraction every summer, from June-September. In a darkened and spotlit gallery, tens of thousands of beautiful goldfish swim in aquariums that are works of art in themselves.

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Search term: Art Aquarium Nihonbashi 20XX (the year you plan to go). This travels around and they don’t put up the information about this year’s Tokyo event until closer to the time it opens, so you may have to check back for detailed info.

Fireworks Festivals

Sitting by the riverside and watching astounding fireworks displays is one of the delights of Japanese summer

Search term: Tokyo fireworks July

Other events in the month of July that might be worth checking out:

Tanabata Festival

Morning Glory Festival

Floating lanterns on the Imperial Palace moat

Floating lanterns at Ueno Park

Ueno summer festival parade

Edogawa Kingyo Matsuri (goldfish festival)

Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri (parade of people performing traditional Okinawan dance)

Wonder Festival Makuhari Messe (conference showcasing Japanese character figures)

You can search for more detailed information on these by Googling the names in bold, or searching for them on Tokyo Cheapo or TimeOut Tokyo, which I think have the most reliable info for events that change dates from year to year.

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