SEPTEMBER: Festivals + Events

Click on Tell me more to read about the event, then use the search term below to find out the exact dates and times for the year you’ll be there.

Art Aquarium & Goldfish Festivals

Art Aquarium is an annual summer event where living goldfish are showcased in sculptured aquariums, with choreographed lights and music. If you’ve never seen it, GO!

Art Aquarium and the summertime goldfish festivals continue on into September, showcasing colors and varieties of fish in ways you never imagined

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Search terms: Sumidagawa Aquarium; Shinagawa Aqua Park; Art Aquarium Nihonbashi 20XX (the year you plan to go. This exhibit travels around and they don’t put up the information about this year’s Tokyo event until closer to the time it opens, so you may have to check back for detailed info.)

The Forest of Red Solstice Lilies (Higanbana)

The native red amaryllis known as higanbana bloom in mindboggling profusion a forest near Tokyo, for a few days right around the autumn solstice. But they’re also in bloom at various gardens around town. Here’s where to catch a glimpse of them.

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Bush clover tunnel at Mukojima Hyakka-en

Bush clover is one of the iconic seven flowers of autumn in the Japanese calendar, but it’s not very spectacular unless it’s trained into a magical tunnel like the one at the Mukojima Hyakka-en botanical garden. This garden isn’t gorgeous, but it has specimens of some really interesting only-in-Japan plants

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Search terms: Mukojima Hyakka-en

Cosmos Fields Forever

The lowly cosmos isn’t too excited by itself, but planted in vast fields? Amazing! Here’s where to see them, right in Tokyo

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Other events in the month of September that might be worth checking out:

Old Tokaido Road Festival

Asakusa Hikawa Festival

Nezu Shrine Autumn Festival

You can search for more detailed information on these by Googling the names in bold, or searching for them on Tokyo Cheapo or TimeOut Tokyo, which I think have the most reliable info for events that change dates from year to year.

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