Book Club Hot Topics


• If there were host/hostess clubs where you live, would you go? What would appeal/not appeal to you about going to a club like that? Would you go alone, or with friends? Would you tell people you went, or would you be embarrassed?

• Do you think it’s wrong for married people to go to host/hostess clubs? What about unmarried people in a relationship? What about single people?

• Should people consider more than personal happiness when making a decision about getting married? If you were Yumi, would you break your engagement to Ichiro? If so, at what point in the book would you decide to do it?

• If you were a twenty-year-old from a small town, with no opportunity for higher education, would you consider moving to a big city and becoming a host/hostess for five years in order to make money? What do you think you’d gain/lose by working nights and being forbidden to have any real relationships between the ages of twenty and twenty-five? What would you do if one of your kids wanted to become a host/hostess?

Sneak peek – read the first few chapters of Fallen Angel

Spark lively discussion with downloadable videos of the exotic people and places in the book.


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Book #1 Nightshade


Book #3 Idolmaker

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