How To Read eBooks Without A Kindle

Think how great it will be to sneak in a little reading while you’re in line at the post office! And next time you fly, you can bring a whole stack of books on the plane without lugging the world’s heaviest carry-on

I didn’t believe it until I tried it, but it’s amazingly easy to read books that aren’t printed on paper. And it only took about five minutes to set up, on devices I already had.

You can use free apps to read any eBook on a:

• iPad, Galaxy, Nexus, Surface, or any other tablet

• Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows phone, etc.)

• Laptop

• PC

• Mac

Here’s how to read eBooks on your favorite device: 

• Get the free Kindle app.* Click the button to download the version for your device, then click “Install.”

• Go to the Amazon page of the book you want to read. Among the choices (hardcover, paperback, etc.), find “Kindle Edition.” Click on that.

• Find the green box in the upper right corner. It looks like this:


Before you click the buy button:

• Go to the Deliver to: box and select the device you want to use for reading.

• Click the buy button, and in two minutes, you can be reading!

If you accidentally clicked the buy button before selecting your device:

•Go to any page on Amazon and click on:

Your Account

(It’s in the upper right corner of the Amazon page).

Scroll down to find:

Digital Content

The first item is:

Manage Your Content And Devices

• Click on that, sign into your account, then look for the book you just bought. Next to the title will be an “Actions” button. Click on it and you’ll see these choices.


• Choose Deliver and another window will open, listing all your devices. Choose your device, and your ebook will instantly be delivered and you can start reading!

* Of course you can buy from online booksellers other than Amazon, and it’s just as easy to download the free Nook app from Barnes & Noble, or the free Kobo app, or  the free Sony app. (The Sony Reader will let you read on any Android device, but not on Apple devices yet.)

Congratulations! Now you can enjoy reading anytime, anywhere!

And if you’re looking for a good mystery to start off your new adventure in reading…


…take a look at Nightshade, Fallen Angel and Idolmaker

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