Book Club Hot Topics



• Who do you think is happier  – people who have arranged marriages or people who choose for themselves?

• If you had an arranged marriage, what would you expect of your partner? Would your expectations be different than if you married for love?

• How would your life be different if your parents had chosen your marriage partner for you when you were in your mid-twenties? Who would you be married to now?

• Why do you think women dress like Lolitas? Do you think those needs are universal, or just in Japan? Not everybody uses costumes to change who they are – what kinds of “masks” do people in our own culture put on?

• If your child was being bullied in school and the school/authorities couldn’t do anything about it, what would you do?

Watch the one-minute Nightshade trailer

Sneak peek – read the first few chapters of Nightshade.

Liven up your discussion with downloadable videos of the exotic people and places in the book.


Buy Nightshade from these online booksellers 

Other books in the series:


Book #2 Fallen Angel


Book #3 Idolmaker



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