How to…

Basic Travel Hacks

Should I postpone my trip to Japan because of coronavirus?

How to use your phone in Japan without breaking the bank

Navigating around Tokyo: How to get where you’re going if you don’t speak Japanese

How and where to get cash in Japan

How to buy and use a transit card

How to get into Tokyo from Narita airport

How to take a taxi in Tokyo if you don’t speak Japanese

How to buy tickets for the bullet train if you don’t speak Japanese

How to choose a hotel in Tokyo

Special needs

What to bring with you, because you can’t buy it in Japan

How can I travel in Japan with food allergies?

Insider travel tips

Hacking leaf season: See beautiful fall leaves, but avoid the crowds & prices

Where to see the best cherry blossoms in Tokyo, with maps

The best secret cherry blossom spots in Tokyo

How to get yourself invited to a cherry blossom party

How to survive a cherry blossom party

The best holiday illuminations in Tokyo

Shrine or temple? The Quickie Guide

Should I…?

Should I postpone my trip to Japan because of coronavirus?

What shouldn’t I do in Tokyo? Ten overrated experiences and what to do instead

Should I see a kabuki performance?

Should I hire a guide in Japan?

How to get tickets & enjoy specific experiences

How to buy tickets and go to a kabuki performance

How to shrine & temple in Japan

12 tips & tricks for maximum fun at the Borderless Digital Museum

How to go to Oedo Onsen

How to beat the crowds and duck peak prices during autumn leaf season

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