Kanda Myōjin Shrine

How could the gods resist granting THESE prayers?

Sure, Kanda Myōjin is a gorgeous red and gold shrine, but the best part is that this is the place where comic book artists and anime auteurs come to pray for success!

Artists come from all over Japan to ask the kami-sama to smile upon their careers, and most of them leave a sample of their work to impress the gods.
You can all different styles, each one better than the last.
And the shrine itself does not disappoint! Let’s bow and step through the grand gate…
…then make our way across the plaza to pay our respects. The windows on the left are where they sell amulets and prayer plaques, including a special series to protect your electronics from rain, viruses and the black screen of death
This is one of Tokyo’s major shrines, so they celebrate every holiday and festival in grand style.
On weekends, the chances of seeing a wedding or other event are good! This is a good place to spot women wearing kimono, especially on holidays like Coming-of-Age Day and Shichi-Go-San
But my favorite time to visit Kanda Myōjin is at twilight, when the lanterns are lit…
…and the sky turns that magical shade of blue…
…and the buildings all come alive
Worth a little visit, don’t you think?


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Kanda Myōjin is near Akihabara and the Aki-Oka Artisan Co-op

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