Koshinzuka Street Market Map

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🔎 Google map with Togenuki Jizo temple marked

•Get off the train at Sugamo Station.

•There is only one exit. Go up the stairs and out to the big street. Cross at the light right in front of the station.

•Turn right and walk along the street. Cross the tiny street with a stoplight and pass the temple on your left.

•Ahead, you’ll see a street angling off to the left, with an archway over it spelling out “Koshinzuka Street” in Japanese characters.

The street market that attracts vendors of great old-fashioned stuff starts at 10:00 a.m. on every day that ends in a 4: the 4th, 14th and 24th of each month.

The Togenuki Jizo temple is about halfway down Koshinzuka on the right). After passing through the impressive temple gate, go past the large incense urn and on your left you will see a Disneyland-like line snaking up to a shoulder-high stone statue with a kind and peaceful expression. By mid-day, the line spills out of the temple gate and onto the street. It’s believed that by making an offering at the box right in front of the Jizo-san, pouring water over its head with the dipper, and rubbing a white cloth over the part of its body that corresponds with your own affliction, you’ll receive healing. You can buy the white washcloths at the funeral goods shop across from the temple for ¥100.

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