Shimo-Kitazawa Area Map

To get here the fastest/cheapest way by train, enter your starting location into the

Train Finder

How to get to my favorite SHIMO-KITAZAWA BARS/RESTAURANTS:

• Get off the train at Shimo-kitazawa station (Keio Inokashira Line, Odakyu Line)

• Go out the South Exit.

• Turn left and follow the road that borders the station. Go under the train overpass.


Apollo sit amid the musicians as they play live jazz 🔎 Google map

Marusan wonderful fruit vinegar-based drinks and delicious seasonal food 🔎 Google map

Ushitora craft beer from around the world 🔎 Google map

Village Vanguard store for crazy only-in-Japan gifts 🔎 Google map

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series. And guess what? They’re finally coming out in PAPERBACK! Read more…

More Nightshade book goodness here, in case you think you might want to, you know, read it or something

NIGHTSHADE Book Trailer (0:52)

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