Tsukiji Fish Market Map

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Tsukiji map

1. Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple 🔎 Google map
2. Food Stalls
3. Main Gate
4. Loading docks
5. Seafood vendors
6. Tuna auctions
7. Namioke Shrine 🔎 Google map
8. Dried bonito and vegetable vendors
9. Ice man
10. Outer market stores
11. Sushi Zanmai 🔎 Google map

How to get there:

•Get off the train at Tsukiji Station (Hibiya Line)

•Go out the “Central Fish Market” exit and walk straight along the street in the direction you are facing when you come up onto the sidewalk.

•Go past the giant Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple (it looks a bit like the Taj Mahal and is where the famous X-Japan guitarist Hide’s memorial tablets are kept)

•The fish market is on the left side of the street, and starts about two blocks down. You will see a big government building that has a sort of diagonal wall on the corner before the Outer Market starts.

Note: Visitors are not allowed into any part of the Inner Market before 9:00. Also, access to the tuna auctions is now strictly controlled, and only 120 people (two groups of 60) are allowing in each morning. For detailed info on how to get yourself in, check the excellent TokyoCheapo blog post here.)

If you want to visit the hana-katsuo shop, it’s on a street that is parallel to the big one that runs in front of the market, on the far side of the first block, right next to the bridge.

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