Ginza Area Map

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• Get off the subway at the Ginza Station (Hibiya Line, Ginza Line and Marunounchi Line).

Exit A7 will lead you right into the Ginza Mitsukoshi department store. The food hall is down the escalator, right inside the entrance. 🔎 Google map

Exit A11 is next to the basement entrance to the Matsuya department store. 🔎 Google map If you go up the stairs to the street and continue in that direction, you will get to the Ito-ya stationery store🔎 Google map

• Across the street from Exit A11 is the Apple Store🔎 Google map

• If you cross the street to that corner and turn left across the smaller cross-street, halfway up that block is the Mikimoto pearl store. The museum is upstairs.

• Continuing in that direction to the corner with the Wako department store, turn right. The Sony Building is on this street.

• If you’d like to stop for the best cup of coffee in the world, Café Bechet is here:

🔎 Google map


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