Harajuku Area Map

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How to get there:

• Get off the subway at Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote train line).

• Go down the stairs in the middle of the platform, following the signs to the Takeshita-dori exit.

• Right outside the ticket gate is a stoplight and crosswalk that leads directly to the beginning of Takeshita Street🔎 Google map

• Walk down Takeshita Street, enjoying the fashion cult shops on both sides of the street. On your left will be:

– The Daiso ¥100 shop

– Closet Child second hand Lolita/Goth Lolita clothing and accessories (like new, but a quarter of the price!)

– Bodyline cosplay store

– Dog clothing boutique

On the right:

– Calbee fresh potato chip store

• At the end of the street (where it meets the wide street beyond), turn right. At the end of the block is the Laforet Department Store. 🔎 Google map Just before you get to the entrance, you’ll see the bright pink crepe stand.

• At the corner, cross the street to the Condomania Store.

• On the block across the intersection diagonally from Laforet is the KiddyLand toy store🔎 Google map

• If you turn right, down the alley just past Kiddyland, and walk about two blocks then turn left at the DKNY store, you’ll see the Number Sugar caramel store (The Japanese tenugui store is on the second floor.) 🔎 Google map

• Further down the block, past Kiddyland, you’ll see Oriental Bazaar.

• If you keep going down Omotesando Blvd, you’ll reach Aoyama-dori, another busy street at the end. Omotesando Blvd continues in a narrower vein. On the street leading to the Nezu Museum  🔎 Google map, You’ll pass the Prada Building, the Yoku Moku cookie store, the Kanze Noh school and theatre, and (on your right in a brick shopping complex) the 1325 Issey Miyake store. 🔎 Google map

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