Ikegami Honmonji Temple Map

To get here the fastest/cheapest way by train, enter your starting location into the

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or download a free Japan Travel mobile app to your phone (I use Navitime Japan Travel)


🔎 Google map

• Take the train to Ikegami Station

• During the Oeshiki Ikegami festival, you just have to follow the crowds: the parade goes down a street less then a block from the main entrance

• If you go left (against the flow of the parade) you’ll find a staging area, where you can take photos of the lanterns more easily, before they join the parade and your view is blocked by throngs of people.

• All the lanterns end up at the Ikegami Honmon-ji temple

Tip: when you leave the shrine, walk the other direction, to Nisho-magome station instead of Ikegami – it’s not nearly as crowded.

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