Japan Traditional Craft Center Map

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4 Replies to “Japan Traditional Craft Center Map”

  1. Thanks Jonelle. What a great idea. A coupe of times I have seen Prefectural or City stands at events, I had no idea this existed. I will check it out last day of my next trip in a few weeks.

    1. It really is an amazing shop, and totally run like those prefectural antenna stores: goods are the same price as if you were in countryside Yamagata! By the way, you don’t happen to have a favorite prefectural outpost, do you? I’m on the lookout for more of them since I recently discovered the Kagoshima one near Hibiya Station. They sell the best soba sauce I’ve ever tasted, and the Kagoshima shop is the only place you can buy it in Tokyo. (><;;) I've become a regular!

  2. No, no favourite Prefectural outpost! Just I have noticed a regularity in shops or displays having Prefectural stuff. I had not realised any organisation to it until now.

    1. Well, let me know if you discover any gems – I’d actually love to publish a post here that’s a guide to the antenna shops in Tokyo!

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