Mt. Takao Area Map

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How to get to Mt. Takao

• Get off the train at Takaosanguchi Station

• Walk through town following the signs to either the chair lift or the cable car. (Cable car goes every 15 minutes, starting from 8:00; chair lift is continuous.)

• If you want to hike up the mountain, trails are clearly marked from points along the main street in town.

Ticket prices:

Adult round trip: ¥930, (one way: ¥480)

Children (3-12) round trip: ¥460 (one way: ¥340)

Detailed info about first and last departures here.

How to go to the Beer Mount beer garden at the top of Mt. Takao

Open: July 1 – October 2

Price: Men ¥3500, Women ¥3300 for two hours of all you can drink (beer, wine and a limited choice of cocktails) and all you can eat (choice of Japanese, Chinese and Western). This is a flat fee situation; there is no a la carte option.

• This place can be extremely crowded in the summer. If it’s crowded, you have to go to the person standing at the foot of the stairs leading up to the beer garden and get a number. They let numbered groups in every half hour. When your groups of numbers is called, you’re resleased to wait in line to pay (it goes fast). You can eat and drink all you want for up to two hours before leaving.

• Note: the last transportation down the mountain (both cable car and chair lift) leaves at exactly 9:15 p.m., so don’t be late!

How to get to the Hiwatarai Matsuri firewalking ceremony:

• Get off the train at Takaosanguchi.

• The Festival site is through the town, about a 10 minute walk. Just follow the crowds!

• It gets really crowded (3-4 people deep, standing, all around the site) so if getting great pictures is your priority, be there well over an hour before the ceremony begins. More info here.

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