Ni-No-Maru Imperial Garden Area Map

To get here the fastest/cheapest way by train, enter your starting location into the

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🔎 Google map

•Get off the train at Otemachi Station

•Follow the signs to Exit C13b. (This station is HUGE, so it may take up to ten minutes to get to that exit, depending on which line you use to get there. Don’t give up!)

•When you get to street level, you’ll see the Imperial Palace moat at the end of the street. Walk toward it and cross the street to the gate leading onto the bridge.

•Inside the Imperial Palace walls, there will be a checkpoint at which you will receive a free token. Keep this token somewhere you can find it easily again, as you have to give it back on your way out.

•Follow the wide path past the rest station (and bathrooms). It will curve around several times until you see a sign for the Ni-No-Maru Garden on your right. It will take about five minutes to walk from the checkpoint to the garden entrance.

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