Nishiarai-Daishi Temple Map

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Also known as Soji-ji temple.


🔎 Google map

•From Kita-senju Station, get on the Tobu Skytree Line.

•At Nishi-arai Station, change to the Tobu Daishi Line and ride it to the next station, Daishimae.

•The temple begins right outside the station’s only exit.

• On your right as you walk toward the main temple is a side courtyard with strangely compelling Jizo figures.

•The tree peony garden (late April-early May) is on your left as you enter the main temple grounds

• The Jizo figure that cures warts is near the back gate leading to the shopping street.

• The fragrant peony garden (early-mid May) and a small stroll garden with a waterfall are in the northwest corner of the grounds.

• The Inari fox shrine is in the northeast corner of the grounds.

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