Sankei-en Garden Map

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How to get to Sankei-en garden from the Negishi train station

You could walk (it takes about 30 minutes) or take a cab, but it’s fast and easiy to take the bus. Here’s how:

• Outside the Negishi train station exit (there’s only one), you’ll see an array of bus stops. The first one to your left is where to catch the buses that stop nearest Sankei-en. The shelter is clearly marked, like this:

See that green sign on the little fence? That’s the place where you line up to take the bus to Sankei-en

You can take the 58, 99 or 101 bus to Sankeien, and they all pick up passengers at this shelter. Tap your transit card on the Suica pad near the driver as you get on (or pay ¥220 for adults or ¥110 for children) then find a seat. The stop you’ll get off at is called Honmoku (本牧) and it’s the eighth stop on non-express buses. The driver will announce it, but it will also be displayed on the electronic signboard above the driver’s head when you get close.

When you get off at Honmoku, you’ll be at a big intersection. From the corner you can see the street you’ll walk down to reach Sankei-en, and also the bus shelter for your return to the station.

Cross the wide street and turn into the smaller one. It’s less than a ten minute walk from there to the garden gate.

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