Shops & Stores



• 109 Store (Women’s) Map

• 109 Store (Men’s) Map

• Aki-Oka Artisan Co-op Map

• Ameshin Lollipop Shop Map

• Ameyoko-cho Market Map

• BIC Camera Electronics Superstore (Shinjuku) Map

• Closet Child Harajuku Store Map

• Daiso ¥100 Store Map

• Don Kihote Stores – All Locations

• Don Kihote (Akihabara) Store Map

• Don Kihote (Shibuya) Store Map

• Don Kihote (Shinjuku) Store Map

• FrancFranc Stores – All Locations

• FrancFranc (Shinjuku) Store Map

• Fujiya Tenugui Store Map

• Ganso Shop Map

• Hikarie Shopping Complex Map

• Isetatsu Chiyogami Paper Store Map

• Ito-ya Stationery Store Map

• Japan Traditional Craft Center Map

• Kiddyland Toy Store Map

• Kinokuniya Book Store Shinjuku Map

• Koshinzuka Street Map

• Krispy Kreme Stores – All Locations

• Krispy Kreme (Shinjuku) Store Map

• Kyugetsu Sacred Doll Store Map

• LABI Electronics Superstore (Ikebukuro) Map

• Laforet Store Map

• Loft Store (Shibuya) Map

• Mamegen Store Map

• Mandarake Store – All Locations

• Marui Annex Department Store Map

• Marui Department Stores – All Locations

• Mega-Pokemon Center Map

• Mister Donut Stores – All Locations

• Mitsukoshi Department Store (Nihonbashi) Map

• Mitsukoshi Department Store (Ginza) Map

• Nakano Broadway Map

• Namco Namja Town Map

• Number Sugar Store Map

• Origami Center Map

• Parco Store (Shibuya) Map

• Pokemon Center Store (Yokohama) Map

• Radio Kaikan Building Map

• Shimofuri Shopping Street Map

• Shimojima Store Map

• Sunshine City Map

• Super Potato Store Map

• Takashimaya Department Store (Shinjuku) Map

• Takeshita Street Map

• Tokyo Midtown Map

• Tokyo Station Shops Map

• Tokyu Bunkamura Store (Shibuya) Map

• Tokyu Hands Stores – All Locations

• Tokyu Hands Store (Ikebukuro) Map

• Tokyu Hands Store (Shibuya) Map

• Venusfort Mall Map

• Village Vanguard Stores – All Locations

• Village Vanguard Store (Shimo-kitazawa) Map

• Yamashiro-ya Toy Store Map

• Yodabashi Camera Store (Akihabara) Map

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PAINTED DOLL book trailer (1:08)