Yoyogi Park Map

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How to get there:

🔎 Google map

• Take the train to Harajuku station.

•Go out the “Omotesando” Exit (NOT the Takeshita-dori exit)

•Walk straight out of the end of the station toward the big pedestrian crossing bridge structure.

•At the structure, turn right and go over the wide stone bridge toward the Meiji Shrine

•Cross the narrow street that leads into the Meiji Shrine and turn left. Walk along the wall to your right. At the corner, turn right and go straight. (You’ll be next to the big stairs going up to the pedestrian overcrossing.) Ahead you should see the Rockabillies dancing. This is the entrance to the park.

Here is a map of where to find my favorite park entertainments:


1: Rockabillies

2: Rakugo (Traditional japanese storytelling, by Hiroyuki Ootomo)

3: Dance groups, hula hoops, frisbee

4: Juggling & acrobats

5: Slackline

6: Giant bubbles, kite flying, picnicking

7: Dog run

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