Drinking experiences you’ll never forget

A Perfect Bar For Bananafish in the Hiroo Area


Tiny theme bar chock full of mid-century memorabilia is open all night


Apollo in Shimo-kitazawa

Underground jazz bar


Tiny basement bar with live jazz most nights of the week • Music is always excellent, atmosphere is friendly and intimate • Cover charge is only around $15 plus a drink


Bar Maria With Nail in Roppongi


Need a manicure AND a drink? Get both at this cocktail & manicure bar!


Bar Six in Asakusa


A hidden jewel at the top of the Amuse Museum in Asakusa, Bar Six has an panoramic view of Senso-ji temple.


Bonji Bar in Asakusa


Drink if you dare! This hookah and alcohol bar features not only cannabis-infused beer and vodka, but also crazy spirits made from snakes, scorpions and peyote!

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Beer Mount Beer Garden at the top of Mt. Takao


Brews with a view: All-you-can-drink and all-you-can-eat for two hours (beer, wine, saké and limited cocktails, Japanese, Chinese & Western food) with a great view of Tokyo from the top of Mt. Takao (Note: the food is mediocre at best, but the atmosphere is nice on a warm summer evening) • Open July 1 – October 2

Directions & map

Christon Café in Shinjuku


Amusing cathedral/gargoyle/stained glass theme • Fanciful menu and drink items • Customers tend to be cosplayers and Lolita/Gothic Lolitas


Codename:Mixology in Akasaka or near Tokyo Station

Amazing artisinal cocktails made with ingredients you can get nowhere else on earth


The bartenders here have pioneered some incredible techniques and flavors, resulting in foie gras martinis, coolers that taste exactly like Thai tom yum soup, and libations served in a smoke-filled skull.

Maps to Akasaka and Yaesu locations

Ebisubashi Bar & Café in Ebisu

The bar with a secret room behind the bookshelves


Intimate atmosphere with a secret room behind the bookshelves • In summer, one wall opens to the outside and art movies play on the wall opposite • Good mediterranean-style small plates


Jellyfish and shark bar Medusa in Ebisu


You’re surrounded by the blue glow of the deep at the jellyfish and shark bar


Science Bar Incubator in Akebonobashi


Medical research theme bar • Drinks served in test tubes and beakers • Heat your own saké over a Bunsen burner • Borrow one of the bar’s white lab coats to wear for your drink-a-thon


THESE Library Lounge in the Hiroo Area


Original seasonal cocktails • Cozy atmosphere amid the books, with many nooks & a mezzanine • If you’re lucky, a spot will open up on the torchlit roof deck


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