My favorite Tokyo restaurants

This is the page for delicious food. If you’re looking for a crazy only-in-Japan theme restaurant/café experience, go to the #crazycafes page instead.

Blacow in Ebisu

Amazing burgers, with an interesting Japanese twist


Might be the best burgers in the world • Perfectly cooked meat, homemade buns, build-your-own additions & condiments


Café Bechet in Ginza

Be patient - the secret to this amazing cup o'joe is that they take their time with the pouring.

One of the most amazing cups of coffee you’ll ever drink • Beans roasted daily • Weighed out, ground and hand-dripped, cup by cup • Charming pre-war style café with music by French jazz great Sidney Bechet playing in the background • Smoking allowed


Hoshino Coffee Shop in Shibuya

Extreme pancakes


Extreme pancakes are absolutely delicious • I like the ones with kuromitsu (syrup made from Okinawan brown sugar)


Marusan in Shimo-kitazawa

Vinegar bar & café


The chef uses homemade fruit vinegars to mix refreshing alcoholic (“sours”) or non-alcoholic (“ciders”) drinks • Flavors include wonderful Japanese tastes like yuzu citrus, Japanese plum (ume), ginger-apple (shoga-ringo) and the wickedly addictive blue shiso (ao-shiso) • Menu has delicious fresh dishes made with seasonal specialties • Menu in Japanese only, but friendly staff will help you


Shin Ah Hanten in Kamiyacho/Daimon

Japanese-style Chinese


Shanghai-style soup dumplings a speciality • Authentic Shanghai-ctyle cuisine, prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients and less oil • My favorite Chinese restaurant in the world


Sushi Zanmai in Tsukiji

Sushi that’s fresh off the boat at the Tsukiji Fish Market


More varieties of fresher-than-fresh fish than you’ll find anywhere in the world • “Tasting menu” of various kinds of tuna, from maguro to oh-toro


Yuki Daruma in Nakano


Grill your own meat and vegetables at your table • Owned by a former sumo wrestler • All-you-can-eat (various meats & veggies) & All-you-can-drink (beer or whisky-soda highballs): ¥4,480 or ¥4,980 per person (wider selection of foods with more expensive plan)


If you want to find good places to eat in Tokyo, I highly recommend the restaurant search guide I use, You can search in English by neighborhood, type of food, price, and even whether they stay open late. The site is always up to date, the write-ups don’t hesitate to tell you the cons (if there are any), and there are maps to every eatery.

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PAINTED DOLL book trailer (1:08)

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