A Perfect Bar For Bananafish in the Hiroo Area

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Apollo underground jazz bar in Shimo-kitazawa

Sit amid the musicians as they play live jazz

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Bar Black Sheep in Shibuya

The bar owned by a dog

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Bar Six on the 6th floor of the Amuse Muesum in Asakusa

Great view of Senso-ji Temple

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Beer Mount beer garden at the top of Mt. Takao

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Bonji Bar in Asakusa

Danger drinks: cannabis beer,and spirits made from snakes, scorpions & peyote

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Christon Café goth bar/café in Shinjuku

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Ebisubashi in Ebisu

The bar with a secret room behind the bookshelves


Ebisu Garden Place/Yebisu Beer Museum in Ebisu

Learn about beer and try some special brews

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Ebisu Yokocho in Ebisu

Old-fashioned bar & restaurant alley

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Golden Gai bar district in Shinjuku

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Marusan Vinegar Bar & Café in Shimo-kitazawa

House-made fruit vinegars stirred into awesome cocktails

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Medusa in EBISU

The jellyfish and shark bar


THESE Library Lounge bar in the Hiroo Area

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Craft beer from around the world

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Jonelle Patrick writes mysteries set in Tokyo. And Painted Doll strikes Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura much too close to home…

When Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura’s phone rings with the news that his mother’s death ten years ago wasn’t an accident, his world begins to unravel. New evidence links her to…Read more 

PAINTED DOLL Book Trailer (0:52)


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