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51 Great Things To Do In Tokyo

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Half-day excursions

The best thing about Japan is that you can wander around just about anywhere and see things you’d never see anywhere else. Think of the “sights” on these excursions as fun points to aim for, and keep your eyes open along the way. Lots of great stuff isn’t listed, because it’s way more fun to discover it for yourself!

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Excursion #1
Art Aquarium PLUS…

Art Aquarium • The best department store food hall in Tokyo • The digital waterfall & cool souvenir shop • Crazy kabuki theater • The best cup of coffee in the world

Excursion #2
History you can go inside

The museum that’s a life-sized samurai town you can visit • The museum that’s a pre-war town you can walk through • The Yasukuni Shrine WWII Museum • All things super-Japanese (including the REAL stuffed Hachiko) • The temple where the real 47 ronin are buried and the well where they washed Lord Kira’s head

Excursion #3
Neon Tokyo lit up at night

Walk across the Rainbow Bridge • See the giant 5-story robot that lights up and moves • Boat ride down the Sumida River at night • Walk through the brilliance of Senso-ji Temple • Stroll the red light district of Kabukicho

Excursion #4
A walk through traditional Japan

The most beautiful red & gold shrine in Tokyo • Walk through a tunnel of torii gates • A neighborhood full of shops that have been in business for generations • The Edo Era woodblock paper store • The traditional shopping street with food stands & hidden cats

Excursion #5
Unforgettable Only-in-Japan Experiences

TeamLab Planets immersive digital environment • Take crazy photos at the Trick Art Museum • The 1960s shopping street • The five-story robot that lights up and moves • An insanely detailed model train museum with easter eggs everywhere

Excursion #6
Something old, something new, something for everyone

Get your wallet blessed with fire & taiko drums • The hall of 10,000 Buddhas • The hall of glow-in-the-dark gods • A wishing fountain, with dragons • The museum that’s a life-sized samurai town you can visit • A gorgeous & secluded Japanese garden with bridges & stepping stones

Excursion #7
Cultural shopping: Plastic food, the world’s sharpest knives & traditional Japanese goods of every sort

The shops where they sell super-realistic plastic food • The Kitchenware District • Tokyo’s grandest Buddhist temple • A shopping street of traditional goods sold in stores that have been in business for generations

Excursion #8
Kamakura Day Trip: Eye-popping shrines and temples

The biggest bronze Buddha in Japan • The Dish-Breaking Shrine • The Fox Shrine • The Money-Washing Shrine • The Divorce Temple • Drink a bowl of tea at the Bamboo Temple • The secret garden temple • The temple with amazing moss steps • A red & gold shrine fit for a shogun • A giant gold Kannon & a cave of wonders

If you’d like to browse all the gardens or shrines or individual neighborhoods in Tokyo, links are on The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

and if you’d like to discover super quirky things to do, do a search at Only In Japan

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