What to do in Tokyo on a rainy day

Yeah, it happens – monsoons and typhoons are A Thing. But don’t let the weather keep you from having all the only-in-Japan fun! Click on the images for great stuff to do in Tokyo on a rainy day.




• Sample foods & entertainment from all over japan at the Furusato Matsuri JAN

• See giant paper mache characters at the Asagaya Tanabata festival AUG


Only-in-Japan experiences

• Treat yourself to a fun day in an Edo-era town at the Oedo Onsen indoor hot spring theme park

• See vintage cars and play in real ones at the Toyota Megaweb

• Enjoy the spectacle of a kabuki performance

• Live the fantasy at the J-World manga theme park

• Marvel at the beautiful paper and constructions at the Origami Center

• Get your wallet blessed by fire & drums at a Fukugawa Fudo temple fire ceremony

• Go to a Japanese baseball game at Tokyo Dome and cheer with the world’s craziest fans MAY-SEP

• Try some eel ice cream at Namco Namja Town

• Pet the kitties & sip a latte at a cat café

• Or, if you prefer bunnies, how about a session at the rabbit cafe?

• Eat next to a giant working model train set at the Steam Locomotive Cafe & Bar

Make your own plastic food at a shop in Kappabashi

Get your picture taken dressed up in the latest Lolita style

• Get treated like otaku royalty at a Tokyo maid café


• Play with the exhibits at the Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation)

• Spot the drummer and other amazing denizens in the models at the Edo-Tokyo Museum

• Explore a life-size, indoor, samurai town at the Fukagawa Edo Museum

• Get in a smile fight at the Sony Explorascience Museum

• Take amazing photos of yourself in the optical illusions at the Tokyo Trick Art Museum in Odaiba

• See the actual signed confession of the 47 ronin & the receipt for Lord Kira’s head at the Sengaku-ji Temple Museum

• Learn all about (and taste!) beer at the Beer Museum

• Get up close and personal with restored vintage autos at the History Garage

Shopping as a cultural experience

• Sample unusual & delicious Japanese snacks at a department store food hall

Ogle the $10,000 doll sets in Asakusabashi

• Shop the character stores and eat at the underground ramen street at Tokyo Station

• Discover weird products and inventions at the Tokyu Hands store

• Marvel at the electronic toilets & weird vending machines at the electronics superstores in Akihabara

• See only-in-Japan products at the Loft store

• Browse the one-of-a-kind artisan-made products at the Aki-Oka artisan co-op

• See crazy fan-built Lego models at the Lego store in Odaiba

• Browse the crazy souvenirs at Village Vanguard

• Get beautiful traditionally-made crafts from all over Japan at the Japan Traditional Craft Center

• Bling your car at the rhinestone car accessories store in Men’s 109

• Find the funniest/weirdest souvenirs at the Don Kihote store


NOTE: Dates on photos up above are not for this year. Be sure to check the dates for this year’s event by following the links to the websites

• Go to a sumo tournament JAN, MAY, SEP

• Enjoy the gorgeous handmade quilts at the International Quilt Festival JAN

•Hear about the hottest new Japanese design ideas at Pechakucha night JAN

• See ceramics and lacquerware from all over Japan at the Tableware Festival FEB

• Get dressed up and go to the Steam Garden Tokyo steampunk party FEB

• Shop for bargains at the Heiwajima Antiques Fair MAR, SEP, DEC

• See pieces by cutting-edge Japanese artists at the Tokyo Art Fair MAR

•Mingle with the cosplayers at the Anime Japan Convention MAR

• Be stunned by the flower arrangements at the Flower Dream expo APR

• Be amazed at the sheer originality of the goods at Design Festa MAY

• Music, laser lights & live goldfish dazzle at Art Aquarium JUL – SEP

• Check out the crazy stuff at the Wonder Festival JUL

• Get boggled by fanfic comics & cosplayers at Comiket AUG

• Check out the hottest new things on wheels at the Tokyo Motor Show OCT – NOV

• See the most outrageous nail designs in the world at the Tokyo Nail Expo NOV

• Watch the newest things in robots do their stuff at the International Robot Expo DEC

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