Yokohama Area Map

To get here the fastest/cheapest way by train, enter your starting location into the

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🔎 Google map

To get to the Yokohama Smart Illuminations site:

• Get off the train at Minato-mirai station

• Go out Exit 4 and head toward the waterfront. Make your way toward Queen’s Square and you will start seeing lit-up artworks. Art is installed all over the waterfront area – it’s all lit up, so you can easily discover it once you’re near the water.

🔎 Google map to the Yokohama Pokemon Center

🔎 Google map to Okurayama Park

• Famous for plum blossoms in mid- to late-February

🔎 Google map to Sankei-en Garden

• I suggest taking a cab from Negishi Station to Sankei-en, as the bus stops outside the station can be a little confusing. Getting back to the station from the garden is much easier, as there are easy-to understand maps near the exit, directing you to the place to wait for a bus that will take you directly back to the station.

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