Hi, I’m Jonelle Patrick

So glad our paths have crossed!

I started this website because so many people ask me what they shouldn’t miss when they come to Japan. They know I lived here for years and still live in Tokyo about half the time, so I’ve spent an embarrassing number of hours in search of the shockingly delightful (and winnowing out the stuff that looks great online but is actually kind of disappointing in real life). I wish I could take you around myself (sadly, I have to work) but I hope that The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had helps you know when and how to totally enjoy all the experiences I love so much.

The reason I spend so much time here is that I write novels set in Japan. I graduated from Stanford University and the Sendagaya Japanese Language Institute, and am a member of the Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime. My four novels all take place in and around Tokyo, so if you’re a mystery lover like me, and like to read books set in the place where you’re traveling, add them to your stack if they appeal!

These are them. Click on the photo to read more

Or watch the one-minute trailers! Here’s the one for Painted Doll, the most recent release:

And here are the others:

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