Art Aquarium PLUS…

Art Aquarium: Open every day
Mitsukoshi Ginza Food Hall: Open every day
Itoya stationery store: Open every day
Ginza Six: Open every day
Kabuki-za Theater: Open every day
Cafe Bechet: Open every day
Matsuya Ginza Food Hall: Open every day


Art Aquarium is an eye-popping only-in-Japan museum where the art is very much alive and you definitely shouldn’t miss it! But wandering around the neighborhood afterwards is fun too. Here are a couple of things to aim for…

The Mitsukoshi Ginza Food Hall

From matcha macarons to yakitori chicken wings, this is the best department store food hall in Tokyo (and it’s in the basement of the same building as Art Aquarium!)

Don’t forget to check out their refrigerated coin lockers

The Ito-ya Stationery Store

If you’re a pen and paper fiend, do not miss this eight-story stationery shop filled with a dizzying selection of the best of the best of everything writerly. From Japanese pens, paper and brushes to Japan-themed stickers to gifts you won’t see anywhere else, Ito-ya is well worth a stop.

The Kabuki-za Theater

Japan’s over-the-top stage show in all its glory! (And here’s a great way to get a little taste if you don’t want to sit through—or pay for—an entire three-hour performance)

Ginza Six

Just another fancy mall, except it’s got a five-story digital waterfall…

…and a shop where you can buy quirky/gorgeous gifts for any budget

Favorite Eateries & Drinkeries in the area:

Cafe Bechet: The best cup of coffee in the world

And before you go, you should also hit the Matsuya Ginza Food Hall

There’s one counter you should visit at the second-greatest department store food hall in Tokyo, and that’s the Mamegen shop. They sell all kinds of interesting flavors of crowd-pleasing Japanese snax for ¥400-¥600. They’re the kind of thing you can bring to all your friends back home and they will always thank you.

Tell me more!


If you’d like to browse all the gardens or shrines or individual neighborhoods in Tokyo, links are on The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

And if you’d like to discover super quirky things to do, do a search at Only In Japan

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