Should I see a Kabuki performance?

I know. You think you’re not interested in this fusty old super-Japanese form of entertainment. But you’d be wrong. Here’s why. #1 The actors who play the women’s roles do it so well, you forget they’re men Seriously. If you aren’t looking for evidence that they’re not actually female, nothing in their walk, body language,Continue reading “Should I see a Kabuki performance?”

Kabuki: How to get tickets and see a performance

If you’re not convinced you need to see this only-in-Japan entertainment while you’re here, get thee over to Should I see a Kabuki performance? I think you’ll be back. There are three options for getting your kabuki fix: 1: Visit the Kabuki-za Gallery and see three minutes of the current live show, plus a 30-minute audioContinue reading “Kabuki: How to get tickets and see a performance”

Great stuff to do in Tokyo for FREE!

Tokyo doesn’t have to be expensive. There are super fun free things to do all over the place, if you just know where to look. Shrines and temples dish up quirky specialties and entertaining festivals, parks put on seasonal flower extravaganzas (year-round, not just in cherry blossom season!) and wandering through the right stores isContinue reading “Great stuff to do in Tokyo for FREE!”